بسم اللّه الرحمن الرحيم


The Sermon of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HF)
at Ghadir Khum


Introduction & Translation by:

Vahid  Majd


ISBN: 964-8323-38-0      First Edition: 2005

Naba Cultural Organization


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�Certainly, I just conveyed what I have been ordered to convey as an argument against everyone, be him present or absent, a direct witness or not, and already born or not yet born. Hence, everyone who is present should convey (this sermon) to those who are absent, every parent should convey it to his/her children, (and they should continue to do so) until the Day of Judgement.�

� A part of Prophet Muhammad�s (PBUH&HF) last
public sermon delivered in Ghadir Khum          



To the Most Truthful,

The Greatest Sign of Allah,

The Judge of the Day of Religion,

The  Allotter  of  Paradise  and  Hell,

The Greatest News about Whom People Differ,

The Greatest Distinguisher of Truth from Falsehood,

The Master of All Deputies of the Prophets,

The Brother of the Messenger of Allah,

The Commander of the Believers,

The Leader of the Pious,

Ali Ibn Abi Talib,

Peace Be Upon Him.